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the Villa

As of 1840, Villa Bianca has risen as an elegant and discrete presence on the green hills embracing Parma, in the small village of Sala Baganza on the border of the Regional Park Boschi di Carrega; one of the biggest parks in Europe. The atmosphere is dense with the rare and thriving energy that only nature, with its delicacy and harmony, can donate to whomever wishes to succumb to its beauty.

The view is truly breathtaking, every window framing a different landscape: an expanse of details in a masterpiece of color and peacefulness that decorates the house.

For us, this house is like an ancient book. Its rooms, like pages, preserve the essence of our family, every corner a memory, every object a story we have chosen to share with those who seek an extraordinary place in which to experience the heart and soul of the unforgettable.